The Underwoods here originated  mostly in Yardley Hastings in Northamptonshire, other local places of interest are Grendon, Wollaston, Mears Ashby, Little Harrowden, and further a field Shoreditch London, Dimple bar Lancashire, further still Canada and as far as you can go Australia and New Zealand. The Australian connection came first with the transportation of George James Underwood with two of his friends in the 1840s for the killing of a game keeper. Others of their own choice following later looking for a better life.
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Started this on the 29 February 2012, Building a new home for our retirment.
Ox and Buck L.I.
This website is devoted to telling the story of North Bucks men serving in WW2. The main focus will be on A Company 1st Buckinghamshire Battalion Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry.
Mostly from Hardingstone a village  close to Northampton. Some other names are Drage, Mortimer, Lewis, Cooke and more.
We start in Ireland with Arthur McGrory in 1829 with moves to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Coventry and Buckinghamshire.
Cople Bedfordshire, Asply Guise, Wolverton, Bradwell just a few of the places we find the Cookes. some other names are Jones, Spring, Richards. There is a WWII connection here, You can find Denis Cooke also in the Ox and Buck L.I. 
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